Friends: The HARDEST Joey Tribbiani Quiz Ever

As hard as Joey is hungry!


To this very day, Friends is revered as one of the all-time great TV shows. Sure, visually it may be very much of a its time - providing a fantastic snapshot as the 1990s rolled into the 2000s - but so much of the humour and heart of Friends still hits all of the right notes some 25 years after the series first premiered.

Of course, the six central characters of Friends are responsible for so many great memories and moments, and each of the titular Friends all had their role to play in making the show so much-see. But with that in mind, the absolute favourite character of many a fan is Joey Tribbiani.

Played perfectly by Matt LeBlanc, Joey was the dumbest, goofiest, hungriest, and horniest of Friends' six key figures. And it's those characteristics that struck a chord with audiences and made Joey responsible for bringing a smile and a chuckle to those who watched Friends throughout its ten seasons and even into LeBlanc's own two-season Joey spin-off show.

How well do you know Joey Tribbiani, though? Here, we've got a Joey quiz that even the biggest Friends fan will struggle with.

1. Truth Or False, Joey Officiated At Phoebe And Mike's Wedding?


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