Friends: The HARDEST Ross Geller True Or False Quiz On The Internet!

How well do you remember the antics of Ross in Friends with the HARDEST True or False quiz!


Here we are in 2020, 16 years after Friends aired its final ever episode, and the show just seems to keep on growing and growing in popularity.

Re-runs are one thing, but it’s crazy to turn on the TV and regularly see hours of Friends episodes playing back to back so long after the show’s initial release. But that’s testament to the quality of the series, to the writers involved in Friends, and to the performances put on by the core six characters of the show.

When it comes to those core characters, each and every one of the six man faces have their massive legion of fans. And it may be a fair statement to say that no character has more fans than David Schwimmer’s Ross Gellar. Ridiculously smart, yet similarly capable of some truly stupid decisions, Ross was the loveable idiot whose heart was usually in the right place – particularly when it came to Rachel Greene, of course.

How well do you remember the antics of Ross, though? Here, we’ve put together a ‘true or false’ Ross quiz that even the biggest of Friends fans will struggle to do well on!

1. Ross Kisses Joey’s Mom In Season 1?


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