Friends: The Impossible Joey Tribbiani 'How You Doin' Quiz!

Friends Joey quiz - how well do you remember the love life of the prolific Tribbiani?

Joey How You Doing

Famously played by Matt LeBlanc, Joey Tribbiani is one of the all-time great sitcom characters. Even for those who maybe aren’t the biggest fans of Friends, it’s hard not to be won over by the grin-inducing idiocy of this beloved character.

Much like Friends itself, Joey continues to be hugely popular even after last being seen on our screens so many years ago. In fact, so popular was Joey, he was the one Friends character chosen to get his own spin-off show once the main series called time on its ten-season run back in 2004.

Granted, that ‘Joey’ series didn’t particularly set the world on fire, being axed after just two seasons, but that doesn’t take away from the brilliant memories conjured up when thinking about Joey Tribbiani.

Of course, so many of Joey’s greatest moments often centred around one of two things – food or women.

When it came to the ladies, it was Joey’s patented ‘how you doin’?’ phrase that was his weapon of choice. But how well do you remember the love life of the prolific Tribbiani? Here, there’s a Friends quiz based all around Joey’s romantic adventures – and only the biggest of Friends die-hards will be able to nail this quiz!

1. Joey Doesn't Say "How You Doin" Until Season 4


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