Friends: The Progressively Harder Chandler Or Rachel Quiz

Are you as big a fan of Friends as Rachel and Chandler are of cheesecakes?

Rachel Chandler

Chandler Bing and Rachel Green share one thing in common: a love of good cheesecake.

When a cheesecake unexpectedly turns up on their doorstep from "Mama's Little Bakery" in Chicago, the pair of friends were tempted into taking a bite. Despite being addressed to their neighbour, the desire to take a naughty bite was too much for them.

Justifying that the bakery would simply send out another, Rachel and Chandler brushed aside any feelings of guilt... when surprisingly a second cheesecake appeared. Unfortunately for their friendship, the cheesecake was too delicious and, unable to share, the pair carved up what remained, only for Rachel's half to fall to the floor, causing her to knock Chandler's to the ground, too.

Though Chandler and Rachel might be good friends who are always there for each other, a good cheesecake is hard for anyone to resist.

Chandler and Rachel both resorted to eating the cheesecake from off the hallway floor, but do you know what each of them got up to when they weren't arguing over sweet treats?

This quiz features 12 statements about Chandler or Rachel and all you need to do is decide which of the pair each one relates to. Will you prove to be as big a fan of Friends as Rachel and Chandler are of cheesecakes? Let's find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Moved In With Monica After Running Out Of Their Wedding.


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