Friends: The Progressively Weirder Ross Geller Quiz

How well do you remember the medical marvel from Friends?

Ross Geller Friends

Every character on Friends went through a great ordeal before finding their happily ever after. Well, except from Joey, who ended up in a spin-off, Joey.

Rachel survived leaving a man at the alter, Monica eventually got over Richard, Chandler overcame his commitment issues, Phoebe found a normal life and Ross learnt to live with his embarrassments and three divorces.

Although Chandler was the funny guy of the group, the king of the most embarrassing and awkward moments is none other than Ross Geller - the guy who got stuck in leather pants. Too many jokes! Someone please comment on the pants! The list of Red Ross' mortifications goes on and on - from white teeth to a British accent, from leather jeans to an uneven tan. Ross, you really need to learn how to count mississippilessly.

The proposal Ninja has much to offer to fans, friends, lovers, and serves as a huge source of inspiration for fun quizzes and trivia questions. Well, let's see if you remember the weirdly funny moments of Dr. Ross Geller flavoured with shame and awkwardness.

1. What Was Ross' New Year Resolution?


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