Friends: The TOUGHEST Rachel Green True Or False Quiz On The Internet!

How well do you remember the '90s fashion icon?

Friends Rachel Green

Friends is a sitcom which thrived largely thanks to its appealing central cast of characters and, of course, the wonderful actors playing them. But unquestionably the most iconic of the bunch has to be Jennifer Aniston's inimitable Rachel Green.

An emblem of style who popularised the iconic, eponymous haircut above all else, Rachel quickly became Friends' breakout character, and Aniston its breakout star.

From her early beginnings as an icy, spoiled brat, Rachel eventually grew into a more personable, independent character in her own right, winning fans' hearts in the process.

But as much as Friends obsessives have doubtless revisited the show's 10 seasons time and time again over the years, just how well do you really remember the finer details of Rachel's life and times?

Can you separate the truths from the bunk in this devilishly tricky Rachel Green quiz? You'll need a wildly over-the-odds knowledge of Rachel moments both iconic and fleeting to get anywhere close to 100%, that's for sure.

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. Rachel's Middle Name Is Karen.


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