Friends True Or False Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Roommates?

The one with all the roommates.


We all remember how it started: people casually hanging out at a coffee house, getting surprised by the entrance of the crazy girl in a wedding dress. From that very moment, these six unbelievably different, but somehow similar indivuduals became inseparable.

As the series moves on, various people come and go, leaving a massive impact on the group, their lifestyle and relations. Like that time when Emily persuaded Ross to get his ear pierced or Janine almost turned Joey into a woman.

In the first episodes, no one imagined Chandler living without Joey, or Monica and Rachel living in the boys’ apartment, but we learned to accept that things change, people change. We had to get used to new apartments or roommates, who, by the way, were either crazy, or too demanding. Yet, no one can deny that they somehow managed to bring an air of tension and curiosity to the show.

Do you really remember what happened to Eddie or who Denise was? Was she hot?

1. Phoebe Used To Date Chandler's Old Roommate Kip.


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