Friends: You'll Never Get 100% On This Chandler Bing Quiz

Could this quiz BE any harder?

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If you were forced against the wall to choose who your most favourite Friends character was, most fans would probably have different answers. Ross gets the lion's share of the best stories, Monica is a great, typically neurotic character, Phoebe's oddness gets her into adventures, Joey is a delight and Rachel is The One, but Chandler has something that makes him something different.

While the other characters changed their positions on the humour ladder throughout the show - with Ross rising the highest from his starting position by the end - Chandler was always the funniest. Whether he was in full, sad-sack loser form or loved up with Monica, he was both loveable and bumbling in a completely harmless sort of way. His sarcasm was legendary and if you think it's the lowest form of wit there's a chance you couldn't BE any more jealous.

So yeah, he's great, but are you really a fan? Can you remember all of his quirks? Do you know his past, his hobbies and his relationships inside out? Because you're going to need to to get anywhere near 100% here.

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Chandler's Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Up To Season One?

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