Fringe Cast: Where Are They Now?

It was one of the best shows on TV for several years, but where are they now?

Fringe Cast

JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman worked together on several projects which include the rebooted Star Trek film and the TV series Lost. However, they also came together to create one of the tightest and greatest sci-fi shows of the 00s.

Fox's sci-fi show Fringe was a slightly underrated gem. It ran for five seasons, boasting an impressive cast and series of stories, each involved in the various mysteries that the show's reality offered. Some of them would double up in their roles - but that would be a bit of a spoiler!

The acting talent was superb across the entire show. From smaller, almost cameo roles to the main stars, each of them brought a unique flavour to the series. Many of them have continued to rise through the acting world, arguably doing better now than they ever have.

The cast were from all corners of the globe and, despite basing the show in the US, this affected the feeling of the show overall. Fringe offered a diverse set of fantastic players, bringing their skills from and to various different franchises.

What have these people been up to since the show wrapped up?

13. Seth Gabel

Fringe Cast

Seth Gabel appeared as Lincoln Lee in Fringe, becoming a series regular for the fourth season. He would return for the series finale, yet Fringe has been one of his early starring roles. He had previously appeared in The Da Vinci Code (directed by his father-in-law, Ron Howard).

His biggest role pre-Fringe was of Adrian Moore, the adopted son of Famke Jansen's Ava Moore in Nip/Tuck. The two were involved in an incestuous relationship, a storyline that garnered much discussion.

Post-Frindge, he has appeared in Arrow, Salem, Billions and American Horror Story: Hotel (as Jeffrey Dahmer).

He was nominated for a Saturn Award for his performance in Fringe in 2011.

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