Futurama: 10 Ways Fox Should End The Show

Futurama Fry And Leela So, Futurama is being cancelled...again. The series finale airs on September 4th, 2013, but will this truly be the last hurrah? Billy West seems skeptical and Matt Groening wants to take it to another network, but it really seems that this time, it just might be the end for the crew of the Planet Express. We've laughed, we've cried (I still can't think of the words "Jurassic Bark" without getting misty-eyed), and we've had a damn good time, so let's take a look at 10 ways that Fox could end the show in a very definitive, permanent way, forever. Given Groening's optimism regarding shopping the show around to other networks - and surely somebody would pick it up? - these endings aren't exactly likely, but they would, in a sense, given fans the closure they've been craving since the show was first cancelled back in 2003.

10. An Even Bigger Giant Garbage Ball Destroys The Earth

Bigpieceofgarbage As we know, the first giant garbage ball was launched from Earth in 2052, only to return on a collision course in the 31st century. A second garbage ball was launched to knock the enormous cluster of junk - featuring among other 20th century items a Bart Simpson doll - out of harm's way. Given the less-than-environmentally-responsible waste disposal policies of the Futurama universe, would it really be that surprising if there was a third, far larger garbage ball of doom lurking out in space, hurtling towards a fatal encounter with the third stone from the sun? This time, the crew fight in vain to blow the massive object out of harm's way, uncovering numerous tributes to moments and characters from throughout the series, but it is all in vain. It would be a fitting end to have Earth blown to pieces by a massive collection of discarded pop-cultural detritus.
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