Futurama: 10 Worst Things Fry Ever Did

And you thought Bender was bad?!

Futurama Fry Roswell That Ends Well Mildred Fry

Every great TV show needs a strong protagonist for the audience to root for. Someone with whom viewers can form an attachment from the off and genuinely care about, even if they are rather simple, orange-haired cartoon characters.

Though Futurama has a handful of main characters, Fry is easily the best of them. Certainly as far as being a protagonist goes at least, as the main competition he has for the best character in the series is a criminal robot who genuinely wants to kill all humans.

However, that doesn’t mean that Fry is all good. Far from it actually. He’s loveable, and would generally do almost anything for his friends, but there have been exceptions over time. Whether ignoring the feelings of the people he loved, almost killing the people he loved, actually killing complete strangers, or even enslaving the entire planet, Fry is certainly no angel.

Next to Bender, it would be easy for Fry to come off as a virtuous character, but there have been times he has done things that even the would-be genocidal robot would have thought twice about.

10. He Let Bender Cut Off His Antenna

Futurama Fry Roswell That Ends Well Mildred Fry

In the 31st century, Fry had six good friends, the six people he worked with at Planet Express. This was roughly six more than he had had a thousand years earlier, but all was made up for with how close he and Bender became.

Almost immediately, Fry and Bender were besties, and agreed to live together. Since Fry couldn’t fit in Bender’s tiny robot apartment (before they realised the closet was huge), they went apartment shopping. They settled on a nice place that unfortunately wasn’t compatible with Bender’s antenna.

Whenever Bender was in the room, the TV wouldn’t work, and neither would any of the TVs on that entire floor. The robot was kicked out by an angry mob, but instead of sticking up for his friend and finding somewhere else to live, Fry was happy to let Bender go.

The robot, desperate to live with his first ever friend would have lived anywhere, but Fry was more concerned about where he lived than Bender. Even when Bender reluctantly offered to maim himself by chopping the problematic antenna, Fry let him do it instead of just looking for a new place to live. His first friend in a thousand years and he couldn’t put him before watching a big TV.

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