Futurama: 12 Plot-Holes That Almost Ruin The Show

Time travel, exploding planets and nonsensical technology... not everything holds up.


Much debate rages between Futurama fans with too much time on their hands as to whether Nibbler actually appeared in the first episode of Futurama or not. Some argue he was added in later for the DVD releases and re-runs, while others are adamant he was there from the premiere.

If he was, it’s one of the best set ups in television history, with the payoff and explanation coming years later. Despite this - potential - attention to detail though, there are still a fair few Futurama plot holes.

Though some have come into existence via the passage of time - we didn’t actually get suicide booths in 2008, for example - this list is more concerned with internal plot holes. Things which happen in the show which either contradict earlier episodes, go against established events or just straight up don’t make sense.

Futurama was a wonderful show and nothing here can take away from that; it’s just a bit of fun, after all. They might have you scratching your head a little on a rewatch though. Futurama has bags of rewatchability after all, even if it didn’t always make sense.

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