Futurama: Every Time Travel Story Ranked From Worst To Best

8. Decision 3012

Futurama Meanwhile
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Richard Nixon was a truly awful President in the 31st century, and it was only a matter of time before someone figured out a way to go back in time and stop him. This came in the form of Chris Travers, who was sent back in time to stop Nixon from winning the 3012 election, and the subsequent robot rebellion that followed.

Travers held a certain mystery, as the Earthican public mistook his lack of an Earth Certificate as meaning he was a foreigner rather than from the future, but ultimately thanks to Leela’s help, he won the election.

However, here entered the obligatory ironic time travel caveat. Because Travers went back in time and stopped Nixon from winning, there was never a robot revolt, and thus never any reason for Travers to be sent back in the first place, and so he was erased from the timeline and absolutely nothing changed.

The entire plan was undone by a time paradox, but Travers used the universal PARADOX CORRECTING time code to go back in time. Did the writers just forget about the movie they wrote based around this? It was a fun episode, but with a wildly unsatisfying conclusion that was almost an insult to fans for wasting 20 minutes of their life on it.

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