FX Orders LOUIE Season 3 & WILFRED Season 2!

Louis CK's sitcom and Elijah Wood's talking dog comedy both renewed for more seasons!

Good news for Louis Ck - FX announced on Friday at the Television Critics Association panel that they had just ordered a 13 episode third season of his hit sitcom Louie. The show, which airs on Thursday nights and is mid-way through it's second season - is written, produced, directed and led by the stand-up comic and is pretty much unlike any other show on television. And the show is becoming decidedly more unconventional and weird with every new episode. I mean only a few weeks ago we had a 3 minute or so interlude as Louie rocks out to The Who's 'Who Are You?' whilst driving his bored and unimpressed daughters to their great aunts in rural Pennsylvania with an almost one steady shot and no cutaways. Who else gets that kind of freedom on t.v. these days? Anyway if you haven't seen it, Louie airs Thursday nights at 10.30pm and if you had to describe it as something, you would say it was kind of a cross between Curb Your Enthusiasm and the works of Woody Allen! Also renewed for another season is FX's Wilfred, the talking dog comedy that is a remake of the Australian show and that stars Elijah Wood. I couldn't get past the first episode because of it's ludcrious premise but I can see the show having some charm for some. 13 episodes secon deason has been ordered. And finally, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has just secured an eighth and ninth season which makes it currently the longest-running sitcom on basic cable in the U.S.
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