Game Of Thrones: 10 Bizarre Fan Theories You Won't Believe

Game of Thrones Sean Bean For those of us who aren't content to simply watch our favourite characters on Game of Thrones on television, we have the books to pour over obsessively. As we are only half way through the third book on television, we can refer to the novels to see what happens next. Although the story is also still unfinished (thank God!) in the books, and as we wait oh-so-patiently for George Martin to release the next tome for our greedy little eyes, many fans have begun to resolve some of the unfinished business themselves by coming up with some very interesting theories. Some really seem to take form based on what we know so far, and some of these are so out there, that we wonder why these people aren€™t writing fantasy novels of their own. Let€™s explore some of the more interesting and plausible theories out there, since we have to wait for what will seem a lifetime for either the next book or the next season to be available to those of us suffering some serious GOT withdrawal. Please note that these WILL CONTAIN spoilers, so if you have not read the books, you may not wish to proceed.

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