Game Of Thrones: 10 Bizarre Fan Theories You Won't Believe

10. Varys Is A Faceless Man

uggy4Varys We see both on television and read within the novels that Varys is a man with many talents. We find out that he at one point was part of a Mummer€™s Troupe, which could explain away his gift of disguise, but what if there were another reason? Within the pages we read several excerpts where Varys appears almost out of thin air, and that his appearance is so vastly changed from how he is normally portrayed, that the character he is speaking with often needs reassurance that it is really him. We don€™t have any real proof that he is a true assassin, as these Faceless Men appear to be, but we have never had a point-of-view chapter for Varys. We don€™t know what is necessarily going on behind the scenes with Varys and his €œlittle birds€, but based on his uncanny ability to know all the secrets and travel around King€™s Landing sight unseen, perhaps there is something else going on here. And speaking of which€

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