Game Of Thrones: 10 Most Overrated Episodes

9. The Broken Man (Season 6, Episode 7)

Book Of The Stranger Game of Thrones Danaerys

This episode had all he ingredients needed to make it one of the stronger instalments of season six; the return of the Hound, the introduction of Lyanna Mormont, Arya Stark finally leaving Bravos, Ian McShane.

But no, sadly it wasn't as great as the sum of its parts. The reintroduction of the Hound was a highlight, and those scenes carried some real weight behind them. It gave the Hound a reason to get back in the fight and this time he would be on the right side. And, between Rory McCann and Ian McShane you're going to get some entertaining results even from the most tedious of dialogue.

Apart from that, this episode sucked. Bravos seemed to be the place where once interesting character plots went to die. How many episodes had we been subjected to with Arya skulking around in the dark and talking cryptically to the Waif ? Too many. So when it looked like Arya was finally ready to make the journey home, fans were more than excited for this once beloved character to go kick some Lannister ass.

It was shocking to see Arya stabbed viciously multiple times, but that shock slowly wore off when we realised the showrunners had stopped caring about in-world logic. Although 17 stab wounds to the guts followed by a dip in dirty sewage water would almost certainly kill anyone, Arya was fine...


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