Game Of Thrones: 10 Smartest Changes HBO Made From The Books

8. Blowing Up The Great Sept Of Baelor

A Song Of Ice And Fire

We all knew Cersei was going to be annoyed after her nude and public shaming at the hands of the fanatical Sparrow and his followers. Hell hath no fury like an annoyed Cersei.

At the end of her appearance in A Dance with Dragons she only just finishes her walk of shame so her game plan is still a mystery. Though her internal rage is made apparent so it won't be good for whoever ends up on the receiving end.

In the show her revenge comes in spectacular fashion. By this point viewers were used to seeing subtle and complicated plans unfurl over long periods of time which is what helped make this all the more stunning.

No one could have predicted that the Lion Queen would blow up an entire building in the middle of Kingslanding, largely full of innocents, just to eliminate some of her enemies. Who are we kidding, of course she would.

It was shocking to see so many key characters cop it all at once too and proved how far one of the maddest monarchs would go to protect her own.


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