Game Of Thrones: 10 Smartest Changes HBO Made From The Books

9. Drogon Versus The Lannister Army

A Song Of Ice And Fire

It took seven seasons to get here, but we did get it. In season 7 we finally got to see Dany ride a dragon into battle unleashing hell.

Admittedly it was also one of the earlier examples of the show completely dismissing the timescale and geography all carefully set out in earlier seasons. Dany and her forces come charging over the horizon out of nowhere, but you can't say you were bored by it.

In the books the dragons' raw power has yet to be fully realised, only managing to kill off a few would-be heroes whilst Dany has barely started to ride them.

This was a roaring good time, pun intended; we had seen the dragons burn people up before but this was the first time we saw the high levels of carnage they could achieve, wiping out a large chunk of the Lannister army.

However, we also got to see the power of the Scorpion arrows, meaning Cersei's forces weren't completely powerless. It's all very OTT and gruesome foreshadowing what comes later.


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