Game Of Thrones: 10 Things That Will Definitely Happen In Season 7

9. The Starks Will Be Reunited

Game Of Thrones Littlefinger Wall Jaime

Way back near the beginning of Game Of Thrones' run, there was a time when it felt like the Starks would never be reunited. Jon Snow was chilling at The Wall, Sansa was married to the murderous Joffrey and Arya was off, well...being Arya and winding up in Braavos. That's not factoring in Bran or Rickon, either, who most thought were dead.

Season six, however, saw the glorious reuniting of Jon and Sansa. The moment was satisfying despite being somewhat muted, reflecting how different each character had become since they were last together. But now it seems the pieces are in place for a much more substantial reunion.

At last Arya is back in Westeros, and having just enacted brutal revenge on Walder Frey at Riverrun, she's almost certainly going to hear about Winterfell, and the North's war with the Boltons. As for Bran, he's currently near The Wall - again, not so far removed from civilisation that he mightn't hear about what his big brother Jon Snow has been up to.

A reunion of the remaining Starks is inevitable. Fans have waited seasons and seasons to see it happen. The likelihood of all of them surviving to the very end is low, so a final reunion before season eight kicks off would be satisfying and bittersweet.


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