Game Of Thrones: 10 Things We Already Know About Season 6

Ferocious Greyjoys, huge flashbacks, and the return of some old friends.

Another season of Game of Thrones has come and gone, and with its passing comes another year of waiting, anticipation, and of course, speculation. Despite having ended just recently, production for the sixth season is fully underway, as evident by the location scoutings and recent casting calls for various new characters. Yes, lots of information regarding casting for Season 6 of Game of Thrones has already been released, and despite attempts to cover up character identities with unfamiliar names and vague descriptions, fans have been able to piece who they will most likely be, and from that, figure out certain plot specific details for next season. And it€™s looking more and more likely that next season will still be introducing elements from past books that were thought to have been dropped, even though the show appears to have caught up with the source material. What this basically means is that those who have read the books still have secrets and surprises to hold on to and lord over their TV-only buddies. This is exciting, because there is so much material from the books seemingly left on the cutting room floor that is worth exploring in the show, and what has been revealed so far is giving us a sense of what€™s to come this time next year. These are the most likely scenarios, plot developments, and characters set to appear next season based on what little information has been released. Much of the following speculation is based on information from the books, so if you want to go into next season completely free from potential spoilers, proceed with caution.

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