Game Of Thrones: The Winners & Losers In 'The Lion And The Rose'

Weddings – never dull in Westeros.

Obviously, SPOILERS ahead. As part of our weekly coverage of Game of Thrones Season 4 here at WhatCulture, we're bringing you another collection of the five biggest winners and the five worst losers from the latest episode, "The Lion and the Rose". This week's episode has kept up the show's track record of generating huge audience reactions in social media circles, with "The Lion and the Rose" delivering yet another Game of Thrones wedding that no one will ever forget, making that two from five for weddings that involved one or more people copping it. The finest Dothraki traditions are slowly creeping their way across the Narrow Sea and into the Seven Kingdoms. But not all wedding deaths are a sad, or tragic affair, this one ended things on a high note, for once: we're finally rid of the tyranny of the most evil brat in the history of fiction! But King Joffrey isn't the only loser this week; there are a few others to mention as well, along with a couple of winners, so here they are:

The Winners:

5. The Starks

Though most of them may not be around anymore to savour it, the Starks have finally recieved some justice for the all the family members that have been killed directly or indirectly by Lannisters. It all began back at the tail end of Season 1, when Cersei plotted to have Ned Stark removed from office, accused him of treason, and locked him in a dungeon. Joffrey then humiliated Sansa, making her publicly beg for the King's mercy, only to betray his promise and execute Ned anyway. For that, Robb Stark marched south from Winterfell and made war against the worlds richest family. Robb proved to be a fine field commander, winning every battle, but came up short in politics; he squandered most of his alliances to youthful inexperience and poor judgment. It proved to be his downfall, as Tywin Lannister quickly made deals with Robb's spurned friends and they betrayed him at his uncle's infamous wedding. They also finished off Catelyn for good measure. Lo and behold, the Starks have had their day in the sun! Joffrey got his just desserts €“ at a wedding no less €“ and the surviving Stark who bore witness may have been more involved than she realises.

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