Game Of Thrones: Power Ranking Every Major House

From Bolton to Lannister to Stark, who comes out on top?

Game of Thrones Houses

From the shores of Slaver’s Bay to the mighty wall at Castle Black, the world of Game of Thrones has thrilled fans around the globe with its brilliant storyline and heartbreaking plot twists. With important cast members and entire houses rising and falling in an instant, viewers have been kept on the edge of their seats for ten emotional weeks every spring for the last six years.

In George R.R. Martin’s fictional world of Westeros, the noble houses are the power behind every move made. While some are not-so-noble, these rich aristocrats control all of the money and people in the Seven Kingdoms. Fans of the show (and books) have their favorite families such as the Starks and Targaryens, while others they hope disappear from existence (looking at you, Freys).

How have all of these families and mighty houses fared through six seasons of twists, turns, and deaths? Some have managed to retain their power and position while others were completely destroyed. The remaining families have been ranked by their current strength through the last season, and their prospects for the future.

11. House Bolton

Game of Thrones Houses

Status: Extinct

Remaining Family Members: None

Family Members Lost: Roose, Ramsay, Walda, Baby Bolton

Everyone’s favorite psychotic, backstabbing family met a grisly end during the sixth season of Game of Thrones. After betraying Robb Stark and ruling the North with an iron fist, Roose Bolton was cut down by his psychopathic son Ramsay in a fit of jealousy.

With his father out of the picture, Ramsay was clear to rule the North as the Lord of Winterfell, except for his pesky mother in law and half-brother. After solving that problem with a quick trip to the kennel, Ramsay holds Rickon Stark hostage while waiting for a reunion with his estranged wife and her half-brother Jon Snow (Spoiler Alert: Jon is actually her cousin).

Unfortunately for Ramsay (the last remaining Bolton), his savagery led to a small rebellion against him led by Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. With the help of the Knights of the Vale, Ramsay’s forces are defeated and in an ironic twist, he becomes kibble for his own attack dogs.

Prospects For The Future:

With no surviving Boltons remaining, the house of the flayed man died with Ramsay and fans everywhere celebrated.


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