Game Of Thrones Preview: What To Expect From S5E9 The Dance Of Dragons

May not include actual dragon-dancing.

This Sunday (or Monday, depending on where you are) sees the fifth season of Game of Thrones arrive at episode nine. There's understandably a lot of excitement and hype going in to it, because the ninth episode is traditionally the episode. Season 1 gave us the beheading of Ned Stark; season 2 the Battle of Blackwater. Last year gave us the epic battle of the Watchers on the Wall, but it was season 3€™s penultimate installment that really cemented episode nine as the one to watch: The Rains of Castamere, aka The Red Wedding. The man who directed that one, David Nutter, is back behind the camera here, so it€™s obviously in very capable hands. This time, though, expectations for the episode may need to be tempered slightly. That€™s because of last week€™s Hardhome, which is going to prove extremely difficult to top. There were great moments throughout the first-half, especially finally getting to see Tyrion and Daenerys together properly. The build-up to the pair meeting certainly did not fail to pay off, with their conversational scenes just as exciting as the huge spectacle later in the episode. And what spectacle it was. This is a show that has given us some fairly huge action moments that have no right being on TV, such as the aforementioned Blackwater and the attack on The Wall by the wildlings. Despite only taking up the second-half of the episode, as opposed to the entirety of it, this managed to outdo both of them, before ending on the chilling shot of the Night€™s King staring down Jon Snow. How is the show going to follow that up? As usual, a teaser and some images been released, so here€™s a look at what we can expect from The Dance Of Dragons€

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