Game Of Thrones Preview: What To Expect From S5E9 The Dance Of Dragons

8. Jon€™s Return

Part of the synopsis for the episode states €œJon returns to The Wall€ and indeed we see that in the trailer, as the Lord Commander, along with those who€™ve made it back from Hardhome with him, approaches Castle Black and is stared down by Alliser Thorne, who looks none-too-pleased to see he€™s survived the trip. He€™ll be even less happy when Jon tells of the events that went down at Hardhome, of the increasing threat of the White Walkers, and all the free-folk he€™s brought back with him. We€™ll be seeing just how well-equipped Jon is to handle the rising tensions within the Night€™s Watch, something he may have to do without his closest ally.

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