Game Of Thrones: Ranking Every Season From Worst To Best

How does Season 8 stack up?

Game Of Thrones Seasons Ranked 2

While it initially looked like Game of Thrones would finish with seven seasons to match the seven books George R.R. Martin has planned, in the end it comes to a close with its eighth and final season.

Although often divisive, the show has dominated the decade on TV, which has seen it go from that new HBO fantasy show and 'Lord of the Rings with sex and violence', to "t*ts and dragons", a phenomenon, and now the biggest (and one of the very best) TV series in the world.

Season 8 took this to new heights, breaking viewing records week after week (even with multiple episodes leaking ahead of time), but that doesn't necessarily make it better than the others. The show has always had a consistent base level of quality it hits, and there's not a single season of Game of Thrones that is objectively 'bad', per se. But on the other hand it has had its low moments, where plotlines have dragged or issues have plagued the storytelling, while others have soared to some of the headiest heights witnessed on the small screen.


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