Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Battle Of The Bastards'

9. Is The Wildfire Story Hinting At Cersei's Plan?

Game of Thrones Davos Shireen's death Melisandre

With Tyrion and Dany reunited, the Mother of Dragons outlines her plans for dealing with the Masters - burning their cities to the ground. The Imp, sensing she's going a little bit Mad Queen, tells her the story of how her father, Aerys II Targaryen, planned on doing exactly that to King's Landing, before Jaime killed him.

Given the foreshadowing of a big wildfire event in King's Landing - Qyburn's "old rumour" and Bran's visions - this seems like more than just a history lesson, and rather another big hint of Cersei's plans. Is she really going to go (or at least try to go) full Mad Queen in the season finale, or is this all misdirection?

As for Tyrion's story, just when did he discover the truth? Jaime tells Brienne in the bath about why he killed the King, and it's a huge moment for his character, a massive weight taken off his shoulders and humanising someone who was a villain until that point. That would lose some weight if he'd already told Tyrion, so does that mean he informed him afterwards?


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