Game Of Thrones: Season 6 - 8 Clues From "Battle Of The Bastards" Trailer

It might be time to say some goodbyes...

Game Of Thrones

Despite being another of those lesser loved expositional episodes, "No-One" was another exceptional chapter in this brilliant season of Thrones, and it left significant changes afoot. After two seasons of plodding, circular plotting, Arya is back as a major player in the actual Game Of Thrones, the Brotherhood are back (most likely without Lady Stoneheart, sadly) and The Hound is back to being the absolute MVP. Oh and Dany has landed to kick !*$% and take names in Meereen.

Quite how any of those storylines are going to be tied up in the next episode, when there's the small matter of the bloody Battle Of The Bastards at Winterfell to take into account too. Perhaps we'll see the Seige of Meereen and the Battle played simultaneously (to be honest the former will be over with a few well-placed dragon charges - it just means we'll need to see two more dragon riders anointed)?

Whatever the case, this is episode nine, so we can expect something colossal to happen. HBO will have to go to incredible lengths to outdo last year's Hardhome, and thankfully, they have a hugely compelling story in the shape of Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton's rivalry. Come and see.

Here's the teaser...

So, what did we learn (you know, other than the fact that we're DEFINITELY going to see people we love die)? Arm yourself...

8. There Won't Be Any Other Locations... Will There?

Game Of Thrones Battle Of The Bastards Jon

Now, despite what I said about the Seige Of Meereen, it looks suspiciously like the entire episode is going to be restricted to the North and the battlefield around Winterfell.

This might simply be a case of the trailer setting up the season's most important sequence - a case of polishing the biggest gem in advance of the crown jewel's unveiling. Because Meereen is literally on fire currently, with Dany and her small council holed up in the pyramid. Surely we aren't going to wait an entire episode to see what happens there?

Besides, the next episode is called The Winds Of Winter, and there's no way that episode is going to be focussed squarely on Meereen either, with that name.

So maybe don't take this entirely as it's suggesting.


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