Game Of Thrones Season 6: 8 Things You Need To Know About Tower Of Joy

Promise me, Ned.


Tower of Joy?

Tower of Joy!


Insert a bunch of random emojis, and that was my reaction to the trailers for Game of Thrones Season 6, which briefly previewed the infamous battle alongside many other hugely exciting events, such as Tyrion freeing the dragons, the White Walkers on the move, and an incredibly massive battle.

While they were the big talking points, it's the promise of the Tower of Joy that is particularly exciting, especially if you're a book reader (or at least aware of the context of it and what it means). The show hasn't delved too deeply into flashbacks before this year, save for Maggy the Frog, but that's changing now Bran has returned. And if there is one flashback they should definitely be showing, it's this one.

Now that we've had a couple of episodes, and already seen Jon Snow's resurrection, the next episode is promising us this very scene. Titled Oathbreaker, the teaser for episode 3 shows us a bit more of this scene, with our best look yet at the young (though older than the one we've already seen this year) Ned Stark. The dialogue is taken straight from the book, with Arthur Dayne's "Now it begins," and Ned's response: "Now it ends."

This should be an incredible scene to witness anyway, but it's also going to have real significance for the show moving forward.


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