Game Of Thrones Season 7: 10 Quotes Which Foreshadow Big Things In Season 8

Read between the lines...

Game Of Thrones Tyrion Quote

Depending on which sources you believe, season eight of Game of Thrones is currently being slated for the end of 2018, or early 2019. That could be a wait of anything from 12-18 months.

It has been less than two weeks since the epic series seven finale. Think about how long those two weeks have felt and how empty they’ve left you. Then times that feeling by 30. Now cry.

While we wait for a confirmed date of release, the little birds among the Game of Thrones fandom have about 500 days to whisper. The internet will be full of predictions and theories, some as wild as Tormund and his friends, and some that are far more plausible.

What showrunners did well in season seven was strike a balance between conclusion and intrigue. They wrapped up certain plots, such as the Littlefinger-Sansa business and the Sand Snakes, but also left questions unanswered - and posed new ones - for the climax.

By the standards it has set itself, GOT season eight is going to be breathtaking, and all it takes is a little reading between the lines to discover some of what is planned for the show’s return.

10. Beric: "We'll Meet Again, Clegane."

Game Of Thrones Tyrion Quote

When Was It Said? Episode six: Beyond the Wall

Beric bid goodbye to the Hound after they returned from their mission to capture a wight. He stayed at Eastwatch, while Clegane travelled south with Jon to King’s Landing.

What Does It Mean? Well, apart from the obvious - that Beric and the Hound may meet again, it suggests that Dondarrion is alive and lived through the destruction of the Wall.

The last time we saw the servant of the Lord of Light, he and Tormund were watching helplessly as the 700-foot structure crumbled at the hands of the Night King’s Ice Dragon.

Beric may have lost his Red Priest prophet, but there is still an air of clairvoyance about him. Maybe it is just the wise voice and the eye patch, but when he says something is going to happen, it sounds certain. Based on that, the smart money would be that Beric and Tormund survived. If we don’t see them die, they probably aren’t dead; that’s the GOT rule.


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