Game Of Thrones Season 7: 12 Big Questions After 'The Queen's Justice'

12. What Happens To Dorne?

Game of Thrones Ellaria Tyene Sand

The Queen's Justice completes a process started back in last year's season premiere, The Red Woman, as it completely wipes Dorne off the board.

Following on from the deaths of Obara and Nymeria Sand last week, Tyene is given a slow, cruel death here, with Ellaria chained up to watch it all happen, invoking memories of the Mad King with Rickard and Brandon Stark.

It's a great scene, with supreme acting from Indira Varma and Lena Headey, and means that should be the last we see of the characters. It hasn't been pretty, with the writers totally butchering the whole Dornish storyline, but now that it's done what becomes of Dorne?

It's a little different to wiping out the Boltons (where you have the Starks retaking the North) or Tyrells (with the Lannisters and Tarlys able to step in there), as there's no obvious replacement on the show, yet it's one of the Seven Kingdoms - and a rather large one at that. Will anything more become of Sunspear, or is it safe to assume we're never seeing Dorne or anything to do with it again?


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