Game Of Thrones Season 7: 30 WTF Moments

Like spotting blue eyes from a hundred paces through the snow.


For all of the complaints about story-telling, pacing, narrative inconsistencies and problems with logic, the penultimate season of Game Of Thrones was the most watched, the highest rated and the most talked about to date. It was a season of moments, built around spectacle - both in terms of complex, twisty writing and explosions, deaths and action - and it escalated everything beautifully towards the final season.

When the dust settles fully, those problems with the story-telling might shout a little louder, but so too will the dragon warfare, the eminently quotable lines and the brilliant exchanges between characters that soared among the very best things we've seen in the Seven Kingdoms.

We'll remember the feelings of watching beloved characters thrust even deeper into mortal peril - some losing their lives in the process - of the gasp-inducing twists and the brutal full-stops that promise just as much for the future as they delivered in this season. And most of all we'll remember the racing pulses, the heightened blood pressure and the involuntary exclamations of What The F*CK that were dragged out. And those are the best things to pick back over.

Strap in, it got weird, it got broken, and it got very, very astonishing at times...

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