Game Of Thrones Season 7: First 3 Episode Titles & Synopses Explained

3. Dragonstone

Game Of Thrones Daenerys Tyrion Varys Missandei Grey Worm Season 7
Helen Sloan/HBO

The Title

This title is about as obvious as they come, since Dragonstone - the ancestral seat of House Targaryen - has been all over the marketing, and is where Daenerys makes her base in Westeros.

"Dany Returns Home"

Again, obvious, and tied right in with the episode title: Dragonstone was, and now is again, her home. Though it might not be a straightforward journey.

"Jon Organises The Defence Of The North"

Well, yeah. He's just been crowned KING IN THE NORTH, so it makes sense he'd start making plans. That's especially true given he's one of the few people who know what's coming, set to be a big theme of this season.

"Cersei Tries To Even The Odds"

With Dany's impressive military might, it's sensible that Cersei would seek to level the playing field a bit. This could be the alliance with Euron (though that means it's coming very early), or organising an attack that we might see later in the season (such as at Highgarden).


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