Game Of Thrones Season 8: 7 Possibilities For Jon & Daenerys' Relationship

3. War For The Throne

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Daenerys Baby

Jon has always been a natural leader, but a reluctant ruler. However, might the lure of the Iron Throne tempt him into overthrowing Dany’? He is the rightful heir after all.

The Northern houses are unlikely to want Jon to remain as King in the North while a true born child of Ned and Caitlyn Stark remains alive and well. But they did follow Jon into battle against Ramsay Bolton, and have seemingly come to admire his bravery and honour.

So, once they learn of Jon’s claim to rule Westeros, might they encourage him to pursue it? He would certainly be a more popular monarch in Winterfell than Cersei or Daenerys.

Realistically, though, Jon does not have enough men to go to war with the Mother of Dragons, and his focus is directed further north, rather than south towards King’s Landing.

Jon has never shied away from a battle, even when the numbers haven’t been in his favour. But against Ramsay, the Wildlings and the army of the dead, he fought for noble causes, not for greed and for glory. A fight against Daenerys is not traditionally the type Jon would pick.

On the other hand, he has previously abandoned his love with Ygritte for his duties as a brother of the Night’s Watch. If he sees being King of the Seven Kingdoms as his duty, Jon could yet follow his head over his heart and prompt an all out War for the Iron Throne.


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