Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere: 12 Things You Might've Missed In 'Winterfell'

Callbacks, cameos, and many more Easter eggs and references as Game of Thrones returns.

Game of Thrones Its Always Sunny In Westeros

After a horribly long time away, Game of Thrones returned to our screens this week with Season 8 premiere, Winterfell.

The episode was largely a table-setter in the style of most other season premieres, although with a few bigger bits of information and sequences, like Jon riding a dragon and him learning of his true parentage.

Not everything worked, but it was a strong return that whets the appetite for more. As ever with Thrones, though, it's not just about the big picture stuff, but all of the details they pack into each and every episode. That's what helps make this world feel so well-realised, and allows the show to stand up to so many rewatches.

The Season 8 premiere is no exception to this: the opening credits have some nice new detailing, we get the return of the crossbow that killed Tyrion, and there are many other details besides that might've gone unnoticed.

12. The Soldier Lives On!

The toughest survivor in Westeros keeps on surviving in Season 8. Game of Thrones re-uses a lot of extras, but few have gained the attention like this soldier, who has kept on appearing at a number of battle sequences. He last appeared in The Queen's Justice, and now he's back again.

The extra in question is a guy named Andrew, and he works as a Game of Thrones tour guide in Belfast - I was actually lucky enough to have him guide one of my tours when I went last year, and can confirm he is class.


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