Game Of Thrones: The Worst Episode From Every Season

7. Season Two - The Night Lands

Game Of Thrones The Bells

This episode suffers from the same curse as the last entry in that it's perfectly decent but doesn't do anything too special and acts as a place-holder in-between more significant narratives. Overall, it's the kind of episode you'll enjoy but wouldn't give a second glance to.

"The Night Lands" shows as Theon arrives at Pyke, meets his sister and uncovers Balon Greyjoy's plans to start another rebellion. Alongside this, the council ignore Robb Stark's peace terms, Jon gets into trouble at Caster's Keep, and Gendry gets a chance to bond with Arya.

One thing that - besides the lack of excitement - makes this episode earn its place here is the over-reliance on gratuitous sex. While that was a staple of the show's early days, it didn't stop this outing - with Yara's sexualised debut and Stannis/Melisandre's sexual exposition session - from feeling a little cheap.

The introduction of Yara Greyjoy had some particularly awkward implications, which, to put it simply, didn't get her off on the right foot with audiences. First impressions count and letting your brother hit on you when you know full well you can stop him is a bold way to introduce yourself. Although, maybe don't say that to Jamie and Cersei.


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