Game Of Thrones: What If... Daenerys Invaded Westeros In Season 1

No dragons, no chance, no hope for the world.

Be honest. If you hadn't already flicked through A Song Of Ice And Fire, you were expecting dragons from the outset. However, Game Of Thrones is a slow-burning beast which - after more than 50 hours on screen - has just started to unleash the only three dragons still kicking around the known world. The dragons were in their infancy at the end of Season 1, and so was Daenerys. She was dominated by her brother who saw her as nothing more than a bargaining chip to gain power and ultimately the Iron Throne, but what if the Mother Of Dragons-to-be had persuaded Khal Drogo into leading his men to war across the Narrow Sea before he was struck down by a single cut? We've already considered the effects of how the world would've changed if Ned Stark had kept his head, but Daenerys' early presence in Westeros could've had far graver consequences for Westeros if she had been foolish enough to make the crossing straight away. Forget the logistics of finding ships for now, but instead focus on what would happen if she had set foot in the west. A lot has been said about her being stuck away from the 'main' plot in Westeros, but rest assured, things would've transpired horribly if Daenerys had made her move straight away...


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