Game Of Thrones: What If… Ned Stark Was Still Alive?

It would just be better. OKAY?

'Ooh have you seen that new HBO show with Sean Bean', 'Ooh it's quite good isn't it?', 'Ooh they won't kill him though, he's the only one I've heard of'. Oh, if we could travel back to 2011 and warn people of the misery that was about to grip their lives. Ned Stark's death remains the turning point for the entire Game Of Thrones series, transforming a deep, intriguing fantasy world, into a horribly shocking land where nobody is safe. In TV and film, there's always a well-placed escape route for the lead star, but Thrones obliterated the comfort zone by killing their biggest name inside nine episodes. Since then, the show has soared and drove us to the very edge countless times, but there was something about the brutal injustice of Ned's death that will always be raw when we unfortunately remember it happened. But what if Ned wasn't executed? What if Joffrey's mercy was greater than just lopping off Lord Stark's head? Here's a glimpse of what an alternate world would look like if Ned Stark walked free from King's Landing, and it's a very different place indeed...

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