Game Of Thrones Vs. Lord of The Rings: 12 Epic Deathmatches We Want To See

Dragons vs. The Nazgul, Lady of Light vs. Lord of Light, Sean Bean vs. Sean Bean.

Lord of the Rings Game of Thrones
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While Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings will always draw comparisons to each other, it's simply impossible to definitively say which is better. Lord of the Rings is arguably the greatest film trilogy of all-time, and with an approximate 11 hours (extended editions) running time, they can go into depths that haven't been seen in other films.

Thrones has the distinct advantage, with 50 hours and counting to delve into the rich history and deep politics of the world George R.R. Martin created. For that reason, it's incredibly difficult to line them up against each other and both productions should be equally celebrated. However, when it comes to characters, there are plenty who stack up against each other from both sides.

Tolkien created some remarkable characters, with The Fellowship made up of a fantastic blend of icons, while Martin has also proved a master in the art of sculpting incredible figures to root for and against in his own world, but how would things pan out if warriors of all shapes and sizes from both sides clashed with each other?

Of course, this article is just a bit of fun, there'll obviously never be any form of crossover, but which series has the more badass set of warriors?

12. Lurtz Vs. The Mountain

Lord of the Rings Game of Thrones
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The first scenario is Saruman's champion vs. Cersei's, the original fighting Uruk-Hai vs. The Mountain That Rides. It wouldn't be a cunning, clever fight, but it would certainly be a mammoth clash between the two giants.

Both were felled in their respective series, though The Mountain wasn't completely finished by Prince Oberyn. He swung some immense blows, but was brought down to earth by a spear, with the wound festering and resulting in his 'death' though he appears to have been re-animated.

On the other side, Lurtz took an immense amount of pain, having a knife plunged through his thigh, arm lopped off by Aragorn, and even dragging a sword through his own belly before finally having his head separated from his shoulders.

If the pair were to meet, The Mountain's sheer strength could be enough to blaze through the Uruk. He was taken out by the mazy, acrobatic Oberyn, whereas Lurtz doesn't seem to have that in his locker.

Result: The Mountain Wins


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