Game Of Thrones: 5 Winners And 5 Losers In 'The Laws Of Gods And Men'

4. Prince Oberyn

The Prince from Dorne takes his place on the King€™s small council, and also a judge€™s seat at Tyrion€™s trial. The other new character introduced to both these positions of influence is Mace Tyrell, but there is massive difference as to why. Mace is a €˜yes man€™ and obviously Lord Tywin€™s puppet, so his role on the small council is virtually worthless (much like Grand Maester Pycelle) and it is beyond doubt that he will support whatever verdict at Tyrion€™s trial that Tywin does. Oberyn, on the other hand, is his own man, and his new positions are owed to the fact that Tywin reluctantly needs Dorne as an ally. To his credit, the Viper knows this, and doesn't even bother to stand (or take his feet off the table) when Tywin enters the Hand's chambers.

When the small council meets before the trial, the subject of Daenery€™s growing power in the east is the main topic of discussion. Having been to Essos and witnessed the effectiveness of the Unsullied for himself, Oberyn is the only small council member to second Varys€™ warning. At Tyrion€™s trial, where everyone else has already assumed the guilty verdict, Oberyn is again the only one to consider all the facts before making up his mind. Of all the judges, he alone asks anything constructive of the witnesses presented by the crown. When Shae reveals her knowledge of Tyrion€™s alleged conspiracy with Sansa, Oberyn is the only judge to question how she could possess such detailed knowledge of what should surely be a secret plan. Plus, he picks up on the talk of 'debt' in Cersei's damning testimony.

As we learn more about Prince Oberyn, we€™re coming to understand that he has an astute observational mind, and is perhaps much more than the vengeful playboy that he presented when first introduced.


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