Game Of Thrones Season 4: 8 Appetising Moments From The Secrets Trailer

An in-depth analysis of Game Of Thrones' latest trailer offering.

The folk at HBO have served us up another tantalising trailer for the upcoming fourth season of their fantasy juggernaut, Game of Thrones. The trailer is the third released so far before the season premiere, and this one has been titled: Secrets. Whilst some of us are still reeling from the shockingly brutal events of last season (do a YouTube search for 'Red Wedding reactions', some of them are hilariously brilliant!), we've now got one minute and thirty-two seconds of images and scenes from the new season to sink our teeth into. Here at WhatCulture, we're doing just that, and I've picked out eight appetising moments from the latest trailer to dissect. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out below before reading on.

8. 00:20 €“ Jaime Trains With Bronn

Jaime got his hand chopped off by Roose Bolton's lapdog in Episode 3 last season because his daddy wasn't there to get him out of trouble €“ and it was his trusty sword hand too, the poor bugger! Now that he's back in King's Landing with his twin sister though, he's pretty much over it €“ kind of. Only thing is he's still a member of the King's Guard (their commander no less), and being on the King's Guard means protecting the King, which generally involves sword fighting and the like, which typically requires the use of your hands. In this screen grab from the trailer, we see Jaime sporting a stylish new haircut and suave leathers, hard at sword practice with his weaker left hand. That's not the exciting bit however; his training buddy is none other than Bronn €“ brother Tyrion's bodyguard/muscle, or Ser Bronn, as he goes by these days. I for one cannot wait to see these two great characters trade blows, both of the steel variety, and of wit. It will be the first time they have met, and it comes at the perfect time too: Bron, whilst he has always been cocksure, is now really coming up in the world; whilst Jaime, who once walked the earth like god, has been severely humbled.

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