Glee: 10 Episodes EVERY Fan Should Have Seen

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Glee Season 5
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If you try to explain Glee to someone who's never heard of the show before, you would probably be a bit lost for words. How do you explain that one episode featuring gas induced hallucinations with puppets and the other one focused on dental induced Britney Spears fantasies?

Yes, Glee was a weird show, but there's no denying that it was compelling throughout its six-season run. A show that focused on a high school glee club ended up being one of the most heart-warming and hilarious comedies of the 2010s. With stellar performances across the board, great covers and deep, intriguing storylines, Glee remains one of the best ensembles in 2000s television.

There remains a devoted fanbase to the show. Some call for a revival while some believe the show ended in a way that was fitting for the characters and the series as a whole. The Gleeks are what made the show a cultural phenomenon. Don't Stop Believin' was heard all over the radio because of this show and that is in part because of some of the terrific (if not bizarre) episodes in the shows run.

10. Shooting Star

Glee Season 5

One of the most controversial episodes in Glee occurred in the fourth season of the show. The episode in question begins quite manic, as Brittany believes that the group only have a few hours to live due to an incoming asteroid. This lends itself to a lot of comedy and some good musical numbers.

A dark twist soon occurs as gunshots can be heard throughout the school. Mr Schuester and the Glee club then have to hide, take cover and the episode becomes a heart-breaking exploration of school shootings. This wasn't the first time Glee tackled uneasy subject matter, but it was definitely the most visceral.

The group of students all make recordings on their phones documenting their final words to their families and friends, which is completely devastating, yet made even worse due to the real-world implications. Glee often managed to pull out an episode that crushed the viewer, and this was no exception.

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