Gotham: 10 Most Disturbing Episodes

Gotham putting the 'dark' in the Dark Knight's origin story.

Gotham Barbara Keen The Anvil or the Hammer

Gotham was created as a means of putting a slightly different spin on Batman's origins - converting the now-familiar tale into TV format and shifting the focus to young, up-and-coming Jim Gordon.

It was a masterful move, really; covering the less-trodden path of Batman stories, focusing on Bruce's formative years following his parents death - something which is often left untouched by other adaptations.

While some fans of the Caped Crusader were less than pleased with the many creative liberties Gotham took with its source material, it's hard to deny that the prospect of such an extensive dive into Gotham's past is more than a little exciting.

Those expecting the show to keep pace with the grittiness of Batman's source material certainly weren't disappointed: while Gotham is occasionally a little cartoonish, it featured more than a few incredibly horrifying moments, despite its apparent 'crime drama' label.

Anyone who thought Gotham might take the CW's patented approach to superhero storytelling was likely more than a little unsettled by the many aspects of horror on display, but it certainly made for fresh, entertaining viewing.

It might carry Batman's well-established dark tone throughout, but let's take a look at some of Gotham's most disturbing moments.

10. 'Look Into My Eyes' (S3 E3)

Gotham Barbara Keen The Anvil or the Hammer

Season 3's 'Look Into My Eyes' introduces one of Batman's creepiest and lesser known villains, Jervis Tetch, AKA The Mad Hatter.

Deviating from the comic book character's established back story, Gotham's Tetch is looking for his sister, Alice, who we later learn that he raised himself after the death of their parents. It's also heavily implied that Jervis abused Alice.

Shortly after establishing that Tetch has a remarkable knack for hypnotism, he employs Jim Gordon to help him find Alice, who disappeared after Tetch sought help for a condition that made her blood toxic.

Tetch is one of Gotham's most unpleasant villains, and here we see him hypnotise a man, forcing him to kill his wife and then himself simply so Tetch can steal their home.

The implied relationship with - not to mention the control he has over - Alice makes for uncomfortable viewing throughout, and as each detail comes to light, you'll find Tetch more and more repulsive.

There's also a B-story in which Bruce and Alfred take care of 5, Bruce's secretly psychotic doppelganger, and this, combined with Tetch's unsettling nature makes for a disturbing watch.

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