Gotham: 10 Ways To Introduce Batman's Greatest Villains

Batman's rogue's gallery are getting the Smallville treatment...

Given that we've already had a glimpse of Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin and Poison Ivy, and had confirmation of the eventual appearance of the Joker, Gotham has gone straight to the top tier in integrating Batman's iconic Rogues Gallery. Despite this there is still a vast array of characters for the series to explore. Although some attempts have been made to make the characters age appropriate to young Bruce Wayne, it seems Gotham will take similar license to Smallville, introducing characters from the DC universe in a way which fits the series rather than with an eye on post-Gotham era continuity. The show takes place prior to Batman's career, and therefore should be before any of his villains have become their recognisable selves. This doesn't appear to be a major concern to the makers though, as is evident in what we know so far: The Penguin is slimline, but he dresses as the Penguin, Catwoman is a teenager, but she dresses like Catwoman, and so on and so forth. There is no individual entry concerning any of the confirmed characters, including the Joker, but fear not his presence is keenly felt. With a focus upon characters that haven't been mentioned in promotional material, and drawing upon what is known of the approach to the confirmed characters, the following article looks at ten of Batman's finest adversaries, and speculates on how such villains could be translated Gotham-style.
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