Gotham Season 3: 6 Ups And 3 Downs From 'New Day Rising'


6. Booty Hunter

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Having Jim Gordon act as a bounty hunter instead of a man with a badge adds for interesting implications. Watching him track down throw down with that ridiculous Strange monster which looked like Godzilla and Beebop had a child (Godzeebop?) wasn't all that interesting but his moral pendulum continues to swing.

He's the James Dean, scotch swigger of Gotham at the moment and it's fun. Seeing Jim swallow his pride to Lee with the heartbreaker of a line "I'm happy for you... Trying to be. Can we start there?" made me feel just as bad for him as I do for either Beebop or Godzilla. More so Beebop if he's the mother.

Gordon on the fringe of the law, rather than trapped within its limits, makes for a much more compelling character.

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