Gotham Series Finale: 5 Actors Who Could Play Batman

Bruce Wayne is growing up, but who will play him when Gotham ends?

Batman Tom Ellis Gotham
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The unspoken promise of any super-hero prequel series is the hope that we will see the hero fully realized in the end. The anticipation and suspense keep enthusiasm going as the series makes its way to the finish line while dropping references that delight fans, which has - for the most part - been the case for Gotham.

Gotham started with 12 year old Bruce Wayne witnessing his parents' deaths, and has yielded mixed fortunes in its attempts to tell the character's origin. Along the way, we've seen iconic villains rise as young Bruce trains for his future. That future is now at hand.

Gotham's fifth and final season will be an exciting 10 episode run covering the "No Man's Land" storyline, and will culminate in a finale that finally delivers what fans have been waiting for by jumping 10 years into the future to show a fully grown Batman.

However, who should play the grown up Bruce? It's not an easy question, but with plenty of candidates out there to play the role, Fox shouldn't stress too much. Here are the ones most likely to be on their shortlist...

5. David Mazouz

Batman Tom Ellis Gotham

The first and foremost name that comes to mind is David Mazouz who has played Bruce Wayne from child to a heroic young man over the course of four seasons. He understands the character very well, but at 17 years old he may just be too young to pull of being Batman.

Even his proto-Batman mask worn last season couldn't hide his innate youth. As much as fans might want to root for the idea of him fulfilling his role, the reality of him in a batsuit would push the audience's suspension of disbelief to its very limits - so why compound that problem by expecting him to be 10 years older?

The 10 year time jump is likely the producer's respectful way to work around the fact that their lead is aged to be Robin, not Batman. However, it's just as true that Mazouz has done stellar work in the role, and should not be set up to fail. If he were to play Batman in the future, the show would avoid the risk of the costume backfiring, while not being a slight against the actor.

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