Green Arrow: Every Trick Arrow Explained

9. The Greek Fire Arrow

Green Arrow Nth Metal
DC Comics

Visually, the Greek fire arrow is one of the most impressive in the Green Arrow's arsenal. And if used correctly, it can also be one of Ollie's most lethal weapons.

For his Greek fire arrow, Oliver Queen has pimped an arrowhead with fluid to the extent that the end result is an arrow whose tip features a continuous burning flame. In terms of uses, this arrow can be fired at a target to set it alight - and there's also the prospect of firing this flaming inferno of an arrow directly into an opponent, should the Green Arrow have the urge.

Clearly, the Greek fire arrow - as indicated by its name - pulls its inspiration from ancient Greek mythology. Back during the battles of the day, the Spartans were partial to lighting up an arrow and firing it off in the direction of any who opposed them.

Over the years, a variation of the Greek firing arrow has been seen across many mediums and across so many fictional properties - and the Green Arrow and his world are most certainly included in the list of those who took inspiration from Greek mythology.

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