Green Arrow: Every Trick Arrow Explained

8. The Flash 'N' Flare Arrows

Green Arrow Nth Metal
DC Comics

More often than not, Green Arrow tends to find himself outnumbered when it comes to confrontations with villainous sorts. But then again, that's kinda part and parcel of the hero game.

Still, when the odds are against him and he needs to work smart and clinically, that's when we usually see Oliver Queen pulling all manner of distraction techniques from out of his quiver.

In amongst the multitude of magnificent arrows that inhabit said quiver, the Master Bowman has a penchant for carrying several variations of flash arrows and flare arrows. The flash arrows are intended to give Ollie one-up on any battles in which the odds may be against him, with the blinding light of these weapons giving him a momentary advantage in which to either make a sharp exit or implement another plan of attack.

As for the flare grenade arrows, they've been known to double as a distraction and as a way for the Emerald Archer to make his location known to others. Throw in the countless explosive arrows at Oliver's disposal, and you can see why the Green Arrow is so fondly known for making quite the big splash when he wants to.


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