Hannibal Season 2: 5 Things That Will Happen Next

Everyone's favourite urbane cannibal is back tomorrow, so why not sit down with some suspicious meat, fava beans and a nice Chianti and speculate about what could happen?

Predicting what will happen in a series called 'Hannibal' almost seems like a futile exercise. We've all seen Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Some of us may have even read the Thomas Harris novels. One of the things the Bryan Fuller television series pulled off so well though was making Hannibal Lecter almost seem new to us. The preconceptions were there for us all, we knew that Hannibal was a cannibal, and this was teased throughout early episodes with some gloriously edited moments. What was fun as viewers was learning about Hannibal Lecter's early relationship with Will Graham (ably played by Hugh Dancy) and also learning more about Will himself. For most of us, our only exposure to FBI Profiler Graham was from Edward Norton's comparatively vanilla portrayal in Red Dragon. The Will Graham we got in Season One of Hannibal was a different beast altogether and by the end of the season we were left wondering what would be next for him after he was outsmarted by Mads Mikkelsen's calculating Lecter. So what's next for the series? Will we see Will be released by the season's end? Will we be introduced to the Tooth Fairy? Will someone's liver be eaten with some fava beans and a nice Chianti? Read on and if you care to speculate, be sure to leave us with your comments. SPOILER warning €“ If you haven't seen any trailers for the new series of Hannibal, some of the points that follow talk about what happened. There's also book-based spoilers too, pointing to Red Dragon and Hannibal. So, you've been warned.
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