Hannibal Season 2: 5 Things That Will Happen Next

5. Hannibal Will Be Found Out

NBC recently released the opening scene from the new series to American viewers. It expands upon what we know from the full trailer released a few weeks ago. To the point, there will be a fight between Jack Crawford and Hannibal Lecter. The exact context of the fight is still not known, what we do know however is that the fight takes place several weeks after the chronological beginning of the series. Bryan Fuller included the scene because "I was greedy and impatient and needed to see it much sooner than that ." Could this be an indicator of how the season will end? It certainly seems unlikely that Fuller would spoil something so massive. That said, it's inevitable at some point that we will get to the arrest of Hannibal Lecter, could this fight with Crawford be the precursor? What role will Will play in the arrest? What we do know is that Crawford does not die. He is a part of Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal, both of which take part in a world in which Lecter is behind bars. With that said, will Fuller and NBC decide to go off Canon? Could we end up in a Lambs world with no Jack Crawford? Though it seems unlikely, it's certainly something that could be explored.
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